Prince Charles to put wow into wool!

This was one of the headline’s in ” The Australian” today. It immediately got my attention because a) I’m a Brit! and b) think wool is best thing since sliced bread! and it’s always great to hear what Charles is up to!  He is also featured on Vogue’s website hobnobbing with Burberry chief creative officer Christopher Bailey, chatting about WOOL!

Lauren Milligan from writes:

Woollen Plans

USUALLY more concerned with eco issues, conservation and architecture, HRH the Prince of Wales is turning his attention to the conservation and celebration of one of fashion’s most valuable commodities: wool.

Prince Charles hopes to establish a new green label for woollen products, the Times reports, and hopes that high street shops will commit to promote wool each season. The initiative would also back a Wool Week, set to take place before London Fashion Week in September – just as shoppers begin to acquire their winter wardrobe.

Condé Nast managing director Nicholas Coleridge has played a fundamental role in enlisting the country’s image makers, designers and retailers to the Prince’s cause – and will meet with key fashion figures in the coming weeks to discuss the plans.

“This campaign is about selling more wool, promoting wool, reminding and educating shoppers about the clear benefits of wool and trying to find new ways to get the message across,” Nicholas Coleridge told VOGUE.COM this morning. “The number of sheep is falling fast, partly because we are using less wool in fashion and carpets. It’s interesting to be involved and I’m sure it will be a success.”

I think  this is great thing that is happening as it will hopefully shed more light on artist and crafts people within the textile and fiber industry,  and show the amazing things that are being designed and made from this incredible and versatile fiber. It is so much more beautiful than synthetic materials and it is sourced naturally. So buy wool everyone, it will last you a lifetime.  Farmers and sheep will thankyou for it!

Prince Charles to put wow into wool!