Indie Fair – Saturday March 6th 2010

Nina & Tom”  are one of the retailers that stock some of my hair accessories, they have organised an Indie Craft Fair in Downtown Davis outside their brick and mortar store on Saturday March 6th starting at 11am.  I shall be joining them and I am excited as this will be my first fair this year!  I have never been to Davis so I am happy about finally going there and meeting some other crafters and checking out Nina & Tom’s store, they have a great line of T-shirts which are all  produced  locally, all the design’s are their own and dyed and printed in-house. The most famous for me is” This Mama is for Obama” , I saw this tee often sporting around my neighbourhood. 

So in time for this Saturday’s show I have made up  new sets of coasters in this yummy new felt I just received and I am almost finished making another batch of new clutch bags, there will be lots of  Hair accessories too! 

Indie Davis - Saturday March 6th 2010

Check out Nina and Tom’s blog for more information, hope to see lots of people there.