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Chairs by Fredrik Farg

Chairs by Fredrik Farg

I came across these chairs today and had to share them! they are just too delicious for words and they are made out of my favourite material “felt”.

They are made by a very talented chap called Fredrik Farg and he takes his inspiration from classic men’s tailoring. By using old chairs that he finds at flea markets which he removes the backrest from,  he then creates  a new textile dress of mouldable felt to dress the back of the chair,  the term he uses to describe them is “slow fashion” furniture.

Lovely job Fredrik!


Nathalie-Nahas felt and steel stool

 I love this stool! , the mix of hard and soft materials is so appealing to me. I use felt in a completely different context and I don’t really mix it with other materials, all the objects I design and make are very soft and very flexible  so I love to see work like this which is completely different but still uses the some of the same elements,  I would love a couple of these for my living room! one day maybe….. I wonder if they bounce when sat on?