Renegade craft fair this weekend.

New work for Renegade

I shall be at Renegade craft fair this weekend in San Francisco with some new work. This is the third Renegade Show in S.F and it’s always fantastic. There are so many wonderful crafts to see and buy, you will not be disappointed should you decide to check it out.  I shall be sharing a booth with the lovely Sally Waters who is the genius behind Birdy Botanicals, look out for us our booth number is 137!

Have a great weekend.

Happy Mothers Day.

New items in time for Mothers Day

To all those great Mothers out there, Sunday is your day! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and loved ones and that you feel truly appreciated! 

I am hoping to go out with my family and spend the day doing something relaxing and fun, but before I look forward to that I will be doing an Urban Fair at the New Parish in Oakland on Friday evening May 7th.  Stop by if you’re in the area and browse all the great gifts there will be available just in time for Mothers Day.

(pŭ-blĭs’ĭ-tē) – information, articles etc…. no: 2

Last summer I met the very lovely Holly White Wolfe who is the author of a local blog here in Sonoma county called Sono-ma, she wrote  a piece on  myself and Lisa Fontaine, who is a crafter, mother and author of the blog  Picnic.  The piece she wrote is based on balancing life, children and creating a craft business from home.  Holly also writes for the San Francisco Examiner which is a very recent position  for her ,”Go Holly!” .  Anyway the point I am trying to make is, she did a follow-up interview with me after the  busy back to back Christmas shows I did last month, and the  article is on the Examiner  should you wish to check it out.

I feel very blessed for all the good things that came my way last year, especially to the people I have met who have helped me a great deal and taught me a lot about starting your own business. I hope that this year has many great things in store for those who are captain of their own ship!

Belt Pouches

Belt Pouches Jan 2010

 Photo’s taken by Kate Nagle

More Christmas Shopping!

I have just come back from finishing Bazaar Bizarre with the help of 2 lovely friends, who helped my lug all my loot to the city and then kept me company!! I have been there as a shopper before but not as a vendor so it was a great experience.

I am now frantically getting ready for Renegade which I did over the Summer, it was a blast! so I am looking forward to the weekend. Here are the details incase you haven’t bought all you need to for your loved ones….

I shall be sharing a booth this time with Birdy Botanicals so we shall be offering our fine customers a one-stop shopping experience, Premium, organic skin care and modern felt goods!

Incase you missed us at last weekends show here is a snippet from Swanky Swell about us!


I finally did it! This has been on my to do list for a while now. 1) Start a blog, CHECK!!!  I thought that maybe a Facebook Page would suffice but it just didn’t cut the mustard.
I would like to use this blog  to post all the new things I am working on, as well as to showcase other peoples work, that inspires me and things I truly love… maybe if I get really ambitious I may even post a project a month for all you closet crafters…. I am looking forward to seeing how this grows!! 

Here is a sneak-peak of one of the new items I have working on in time for the holidays. I think they will be perfect for resting my Eggnog on! 

Available in Sets of 4 for $28.00. I will have them available for sale at Bazaar Bizarre, so come on by and get some. Your coffee table will thankyou for it.

Handmade Felt Coaster Set.