Christmas favorites from the Renegade craft fair – San Francisco

Another Christmas craft fair under the belt and I was hoping to get this post out sooner, but alas my poor hubby had to be rushed to the ER to have his gall bladder removed.. apparently you can survive just perfectly without them so we are all good to go now and he his back in good spirits, thank goodness.

I am always so inspired taking part at Renegade, its amazing to see what all the other vendors are making and get an insight into their world. I didn’t get to look around the whole show sadly, but the part’s of it I did see, these were the highlights for me..

Firstly sharing with the lovely Sally from Birdy Botanicals is always a hoot – pardon the pun.. she is wonderful and her products are amazing too.


Lovely cross stitch pendants by Zelma Rose.


Beautiful textile colors and pattern by Shapes & Colors textiles.


I had to buy myself one of these babies, Crescent necklace by Papaver Vert.


Robots are my son’s new obsession so this was his favorite.  T’shirt by Orangeheat.


If its amazing linen pillow covers your after, then check out Linea Carta, I have one in my living room now which brings a cheery smile to my face every time a see it.


and last but certainly not least… as I really could keep going on forever, there were so many lovely things … But check out these clogs.. OMG I am obsessed with clogs and these ones were incredible by BRYR.

Perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to own a pair of these.. hint hint Santa..


So please everyone have a restful but fun-filled Christmas, I still have things to get done, my studio looks like Santa’s grotto and is under lock & key in case my little gets in and see’s his loot.. but as for now it’s Christmas movie time with the family and minced pies for all..

Isla x

Merry Christmas

Felt ornaments
















I wish you all a restful, safe but fun Christmas! see you in 2012!

Here is a cute little project from purl soho for all you busy bee’s..

Tamar Morgendorff

Tamar Mogendorff

I first came across this talented artist when I first moved to the states. Her work is so refreshing and I love her use of thread, stitch style and fabric that construct each piece she makes.

Here is a snippet from her website plus some pictures for you to enjoy:

“Using thousand and thousand of fabrics and threads to create her ideas in her Brooklyn workshop, Tamar Mogendorff’s world is populated with swans, bears and mushrooms carefully made by her fairy fingers. The originality of her creations is in the choice and assembly of the fabrics from gaudy to the precious, the subtle or solid.”

Happy Labour Day..

Hope your all having a superb relaxing and fun Labour Day, I came across this artist the other day and just fell in love with her work so I wanted to share it.

drum roll please…..the amazing Abigail Brown

There is so much more on her website and web shop so be sure to check it out.

I shall posting another amazing artist next Monday, stay tuned…





Renegade part 1

One week ago today I went to San Francisco to check out all the amazing wares at 

Here are some of my favourites.

Linea Carta from Berkeley:

Linea Carta Fern pillow


 I bought one of items below...

more to come....

Take a seat.

Chairs by Fredrik Farg

Chairs by Fredrik Farg

I came across these chairs today and had to share them! they are just too delicious for words and they are made out of my favourite material “felt”.

They are made by a very talented chap called Fredrik Farg and he takes his inspiration from classic men’s tailoring. By using old chairs that he finds at flea markets which he removes the backrest from,  he then creates  a new textile dress of mouldable felt to dress the back of the chair,  the term he uses to describe them is “slow fashion” furniture.

Lovely job Fredrik!

Happy New Year!

Even though we are already half way through January, this is my first post of 2011 so Happy New Year everyone. We just got back from a fantastic vacation in bonny Scotland  after spending the holidays with our family. I love to check out the local craft talent whilst I’m there as there are a lot of textile and fibre artist’s in Scotland.

Here are a couple of my favourites.

Donna Wilson recently won a British Design Award for her textile genius! here a few more pictures of her work.

Cloud cushion

Another favourite  is Orkney based Tait & Style.




Turning plastic water bottles into something pretty.

In February of this year I did a blog post on the window’s that I saw in Anthropologie, I was so taken with them that I had to share it with a friend who runs her own florists shop. We were both so geared up to try out the flower tutorial and finally we managed to pull it off  last week. Yes many months have gone by since February and a couple of season’s none the less, but we got all our plastic water bottles together and spray paint and had a bash. I think they look great and although we don’t have quite the quantity that anthro had I think they look pretty sweet! So depending on what color of spray paint you buy you could have some for every season!

new for summer

New flower design for summer bags.

I have started playing around with different flower shapes to embellish the front of my clutch bags with, they now resemble the same shape as the hairclips I make.  I started incorporating some embroidery details as I do most of the sewing using my sewing machine and really wanted to add some hand sewn elements. Recently I stumbled across Susie Cowie embroidery  work, it is so breathtaking and I absolutely love it. She’s an inspiration!

Recycle – inspiration

Anthropologie february window displays

I received my monthly edition email from anthro this morning, I love receiving emails from them as their vision is something that fascinates me!.   This month they have shown some of their new spring windows, and they are blooming marvelous, pardon the pun.  Once again they have transformed their displays into works of art and also done some recycling at the same time.  By taking used plastic bottles they have made these gorgeous  flowers and grouped them together making colossal arrangements.  This takes me back to my art college days! Oh to the have the time to explore and play with these great idea’s ! perhaps this could be a great project to do with kids – with you manning the craft knife and scissors (depending of the age of the child)! they could take over with the paints! 

So for those of us who want to know how to recreate this they have kindly included a tutorial: 

Anthropologie plastic flower tutorial