Do you want to win a purse?

There are some great giveaway’s on Wild and Precious today, in fact one of them happen’s to be one of my wool felt pouch’s I have for sale on etsy. Follow the instructions and you could be the lucky winner!

Up for grabs - Red wool felt pouch

Holiday Pouch’s are here.

Holiday Pouch's

I have just finished these  Holiday inspired pouch’s, they will be heading off  to E.R Sawyer in Santa Rosa today!.

Turning plastic water bottles into something pretty.

In February of this year I did a blog post on the window’s that I saw in Anthropologie, I was so taken with them that I had to share it with a friend who runs her own florists shop. We were both so geared up to try out the flower tutorial and finally we managed to pull it off  last week. Yes many months have gone by since February and a couple of season’s none the less, but we got all our plastic water bottles together and spray paint and had a bash. I think they look great and although we don’t have quite the quantity that anthro had I think they look pretty sweet! So depending on what color of spray paint you buy you could have some for every season!